The Crystal Egg Reviews

“Director Elif Knight involves us in the visons and the magic of the egg with the use of light and sound projections, which creates the perfect environment that stimulates our imagination. Even though it becomes a bit too graphic it shows a superb and delicate balance of the use of technology. This piece of immersive theatre is a good example of artistic cohesion that enables the audience to have awell rounded experience.”

“Remains true to the tragic themes of loss and instability – as relatable now as they would have been in the 1800s. Elif Knight’s directorial choices work in perfect tandem with the text. For approximately 80 minutes, I left 2018 and found myself right at home on the streets of Victorian London. Until time travel is invented, this is the closest thing you’ll get to a first-hand, lived experience of 1897 science fiction”.

 “I thought it was bloody terrific. A wonderful first show of my 2018, and worth seeing!”

“This adaptation gives added context to H.G. Wells’ original short story, and breathes a new lease of life in to the work, without turning it into a predictable science fiction piece.

The whole event promises an entertaining night and let alone the thought put into the setting is sure to leave the audience stunned. Definitely a play worth seeing.”

"Director Elif Knight pulls the whole thing together with self-assured poise given the complexity of the endeavour, and elicits well-judged, confident and plausible performances from a well-chosen cast. Totally absorbing and engrossing for the duration, The Crystal Egg Live is a skilfully and meticulously executed play, authentically-delivered. Highly recommended. Totally absorbing and engrossing for the duration skilfully and meticulously executed play, authentically-delivered." - Peter Brown,

"Director Elif Knight involves us in the visions and the magic of the egg with the use of light and sound projections, which creates the perfect environment that stimulates our imagination." -Lara Alier, The play's The Thing- UK

"it is amazing how many little details are spread across the venue. Curious items and shop windows displaying their goods make The Vaults feel like a movie set. One feels like the stage actually is an inside space, with a city unfolding in front of the door. Engaging and well directed. Definitely a play worth seeing." - Vera Mikusch, Plays To See.

 "The Crystal Egg Live is a beautifully devised piece that taps into our ever-growing mistrust of being constantly monitored by the powers that be.” -Alex Foott,

"The story is gripping vintage sci-fi, and the performers are an utter pleasure to watch." - Reviews, theatreboxblog

“The attention to detail is outstanding and your eyes flick around the set trying to take everything in” -Angels East,

Their War film review

" ‘Their War’ wins – in the measured performances given by its actors...Elif Knight, Nikolaus’s wife, shares a compelling chemistry with Carney, giving glimpses of a mature but intense relationship."

Human Touch Review

Both Parson’s and Knight’s characterisations were quite good, especially with tiny quirks such as Sam’s stress ball and Lexi’s computer-operating. The most notable thing about this performance was definitely its fiery aesthetic. The red wash provided a rather psychedelic visual to this play, reflecting off of the drinking glasses on the table and reinforced by features such as Lexi’s (Elif Knight) LED glasses and bleached-blond wig. This definitely gave the piece an otherworldly feel." The Theatre reviewer